Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Touch of your own hands, how bittersweet is this...
I  like to draw ugly big hands rather than soft elegant hands. There's something expressive about it, probably one of the reasons i love Schiele so much.


  1. Interesting about the hands, could be your own, but look like that of a man, that's what I thought when i saw this on your dA profile.Like how the drawing, box, candles and holders, combine in a kind of still life, and makes quite an interesting photo.. :)Yes, the bittersweetness comes through in the drawing, but outside is secure , stable, the candles a symbol of light and warmth, although not lit. The figure looks out into the 3D world without hope, trapped maybe forever alienated in the 2D where it lives , but the overall hue of the photo connects it with everything else, which makes it appear comfortable in its aleination. :)
    I saw a Scheile hanging in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna, was in the style similar to Death and the Maidens, or Agony, a quite large painting, much more expressive of the solemn dark side than I had seen in the art books, but I couldn't look at it for too long...I like his watercolour, Nude Girl With Crossed Arms (Gerti)1910 :)

  2. Thank you Zhenya, i really admire your works!

  3. The lines are beautifull... I really like the way you do shading... Good job Girl !