Monday, January 27, 2014

What happened to her?

I haven't posted anything here for a really long time. Such a shame. I miss it very much, not so much posting on this blog cause i never talked much here, but the other blog when i was still my late teens and i wrote about everything. I felt i need to share every emotion i go through in life.

It's not i have dumped art or stopped being passionate about things, but somehow i completely lost that part of me that made me who i used to be. Maybe the reason was losing connection with real world and friends, the stress of moving to new home or i just gave up.

So who is she now?
She's not the same, but will anyone ever stay the same? People i thought i knew are not the same either.

I feel i am less serious, i discovered that not too long ago and i like that new thing about me. Humor and silly fun never attracted me as much until i met that...thing...that changed my ideals. Maybe that's why i wanted to escape so bad, because it was all turning into gray and dry mess of perfectionist dreams.

I have one artwork in drawer i am quite proud of. It's not perfect by any means, but  nothing ever is. I need to go back to my roots when all i cared about was the emotions of artwork, even when it's not pretty. Also i have become much more patient than before. I keep working on details until it's way overdone for my taste. That's why you haven't seen my art for a long time, i need to  learn when to stop.

And yeah,
i am anxiously waiting spring and the taste of first berry of summer.


  1. Whatever path you take.. or whatever path takes you.. Just remember, you have always faithful group of people backing you. People who believe in your capabilities and follow you until the dark.. and a bit further after dark! You are not alone!

  2. This is beautifully expressed. I can relate to this in many personal ways. The fire seems to fade a little but it never leaves us, then something happens that makes us pause and reflect and go back to our art roots, where our real artist's home is. It's always meaningful to see when an artist begins to express and discover new things and feelings within themselves and puts it in their art. That's what it's all about I feel. I look forward to more of your bold expressive art Ana :)

    1. Thank you for taking time to write this beautiful comment. :)