Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not very good excuses

I always thought i was good at multitasking, but i am not, i really am not.
 When i am working, i become  the most antisocial person ever. When i  am drawing, i stop working on my designing job for days. And when i feel social, i become that lazy person who doesn't do anything useful for a while.
I go through those phases and it's so hard to make my life function properly.

And so it happens i stop picking up camera to
just take a picture of my art
to post it here.
I always say " I will do it tomorrow",
but tomorrow is never tomorrow...
But  it's not like people are
anxiously waiting
and checking my blog
 in hope to see me posting new art. :-)
Nope, that's not the reality.

But spring is almost here
and i always thought that March is one of the most magical months of the year.
And if it was summer right now,
i would lay on grass,
have some laughs
and feel the energy come back into me.

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